Slip Enterprise

Enable cashless tipping at scale with Slip for Enterprises.

How Slip Works

Slip removes the awkwardness around cash and cashless tips, making it convenient for your customers while keeping your employees retention level high and happy. Integrating Slip with your business also eliminates cost, time and money spent.  Slip is the smartest, fastest, fairer way to receive tips and payouts. Slip Cash is the solution you’ve been waiting for — and the one your employees deserve.
  • Slip devices are customized in advance for each employee
  • The tipper taps their smartphone against the Slip Launch Pad or wristband which instantly launches their P2P cashless app
  • The tipper sets the tip amount and sends the transaction
  • Slip Wristbands and Launch Pads are pre-set to connect to the most widely used P2P cashless payment apps catering to todays digital costomers

Increase Employee Morale

Slip devices not only make it easy for customers to tip without cash, they provide a visual reminder to tip. More tips - happier employees.


Personalize any Slip device with your company  logo. We know how important your branding is, and we can guarantee Slip will fit right in.

Improve Customer Experience

Tipping can be awkward (but not with Slip).  Slip makes it easy to tip at any time,  giving your customers the ability to tip on their terms. directly to the service providers cash account.

Utilizes Trusted Payment Platforms

Slip is not another peer-to-peer payment app. Instead, Slip devices launch the most popular cashless apps with payment info conveniently pre-entered.  All transactions are processed through these secure, trusted platforms.

SLIP helps reduce if not
eliminate labor related law suits regarding tips

Eliminate liability for "mis-handeling" your employees tips while saving millions from service charges to process those tips

Fits Your Business Model

We offer two Slip devices to fit any business.

  • Slip Wristbands - a streamlined option for cashless tipping via all four payment platforms
  • Slip Launch Pads - fully flexible option for cashless tipping via the four most popular payment platforms

Consider the wristband if...

  • Your employees need to collect tips with maximum speed and efficiency
  • You prefer to track tips that cater to your customers needs
  • Need a Slip device that moves around while your employees work (ex: waitresses, bartenders, pool resorts)
  • Want a reminder to tip? Clearly visible throughout all customer interactions

Consider the Launch Pad if...

  • You want to give your customers complete flexibility in sending cashless tips
  • You are planning to attach Slip devices to stationary areas (ex: a night stand vendor cart, Bar, Barista, valet, concierge desk)
  • Doctors offices for co-pays and
    service-based business (ex: manicurist, massage therapist, hair stylist)

Not sure which Slip is right for your company?

Who uses Slip?

Hotels | Restaurants | Shuttle Fleets | Hair or Nail Salons | Spas | Sporting Arenas | Gyms | Doctors and More

Not sure if Slip is right for your company?
Schedule a call with our team and we can discuss what Slip can do for you. 

Other payment solutions lack transparency. With SLIP, there’s no question as to who’s gotten paid and how much they’ve earned. That means fewer employee disputes and high employee retention. With liabilities reduced your company can run smoothly again.

Are your employees waiting on the clock while you run to the bank and divvy up earnings? Are you rounding up to the nearest dollar night after night (after night)? Those minutes and cents add up. Use SLIP, and eliminate the “Tip out” process all together

Your people work hard for their tips. Giving them the ability to instantly access their tips in real time shows you care about their financial security, and makes them less likely to leave you for a different job, one of which provides slip bands for their employees. Plus: Slip Cash is the fastest, safest, most convenient, and secure payment tipping solution known to man kind.